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I was born on 25th July 1970 at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. I went to Chitawira Primary and Robert Laws Secondary Schools. Thereafter I went to Lilongwe Technical College where I studied for Mechanical Engineering Technician program for four years, graduating in 1993. Later on I studied for a 4-year diploma in Advanced Pastoral Studies with AFMIN (South Africa), before doing another 4-year study with Global University (USA) where I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology with Distinction in 2008. Then I studied philosophy at Chancellor College (University of Malawi) and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Humanities (philosophy major) with Distinction in 2011.By virtue of my academic excellence, I am a member of Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society (USA).

My writing career began in 1988 when I wrote a short story, WHAT LOVE CAN DO, for Malawi News, and the story was also selected and included in the anthology RELATIONSHIPS that was published by Dr Moira Chimombo in 1990. Thereafter I continued writing short stories for the newspaper. My first book, LAUGHING WITH JESUS, was published in 2008, and was followed by the novel MEN IN WHITE COLLAR in 2011.
I write articles on social and political issues in Malawi and my articles appear regularly in THE NATION Newspaper. I have also been asked by THE NATION on a number of occasions to write on specific topics of national concern. I have also worked as Managing Editor of AFRICAN DZUWA magazine – a lifestyle magazine. I once had a weekly column, The Religious Fanatic, in the now defunct newspaper, The Binoculars.

My writing career has culminated in the establishment of EXECUTIVEWRITE – a company that provides writing consultancy and services. EXECUTIVEWRITE offers writing, editorial and publishing services. It specialises in writing and publishing biographies for prominent people/celebrities and organisations, and is also involved in writing and publishing magazines, newsletters, brochures for organisations.

Apart from the writing career, I am a committed Christian and preacher, and have vast pastoral experience in counselling people, preaching & teaching and the ministry of healing and deliverance. I am a regular preacher in academic institutions of the University of Malawi.
laughing with jesus
Laughing With Jesus
This book is a satirical humorous book comprising of four chapters. It will make you smile, giggle, and roll down on the floor with laughter. But don’t worry, Jesus will be with you; he will not allow you to laugh your lungs out!
men in white collar
Men in White Collar
With the same humour as in his first book, Laughing with Jesus, Reuben Chilera exposes the sacred world of pastors as they struggle with the daily temptations of power, money and sex. He hides nothing...
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